Engineering is the soul of every project, the engine which allows the infrastructure to function at its best. Dabster Engineering’s design department is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable solutions, considering all aspects of economic and environmental impact with regard to electrical and mechanical installations and fire prevention.

The Dabster Engineering team’s professionals use BIM technology for project development and are constantly trained on the advent of new engineering solutions for solving plant engineering problems.


Electrical Plant Design

Bringing energy into buildings and complex situations. Everything we design, be it electrical energy distribution systems or integrated lighting solutions, is driven by a process powered by advanced analysis, coordination and research for energy reduction measures.
Our team’s ability to fuse proven best practices with future thinking, ensures that the systems we design meet cost parameters, satisfy and exceed energy codes, and prepare our customers for the new that is coming.
In addition to this, our engineers are continuously trained to be updated on the correct application of regulations and norms.

Our Engineering services include:

Electrical consumer installations

Indoor, Outdoor and public lighting systems

Transformer plants and MT/BT cabins

Lightning risk evaluation in accordance with law rules

Inspections assistance of earthing installations

Special installations

Noise diffusion systems

Home & building automation systems

Smoke detection and fire alarm systems

Intrusion detection & video surveillance systems

TV & video conference systems

Supervision, anti-intrusion and protection and alarm systems

Computer and telephone systems


Mechanical plant design

Dabster Engineering’s team is composed of experienced professionals in designing highe-performance heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for buildings of all kind, from hospitals and complex research centres to community buildings, sports facilities and corporate workplaces.

In addition to HVAC system design, we design centralised utility systems and constantly look for opportunities to integrate and automate our customers’ building control systems to provide a greater Return on Investment.
Regarding essential plumbing/hydraulic systems and essential pipelines, for all types of buildings we care about reducing water consumption, using innovative methods which allow costs reduction too. We also design complex technical gas systems as well as those required for fire safety in full accordance with the latest standards and regulations.

Our services include:

Air conditioning systems

Water-sanitary systems

Water treatment systems

Air treatment systems

Medical and technical gases systems

Fire extinguishing systems

Smoke evacuation systems

Exhaust systems

Centralised dust suction systems

Wastewater treatment plants

Purification plants

Compressed air plants

Special diathermic oil systems

Steam and superheated water production plants

Co & trigeneration plants

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