DABSTER s.r.l. was founded in 2017 by three partners who had worked together continuously for 13 years, during which they gained extensive experience in various engineering fields, focusing primarily on mechanical, electrical, and environmental design.

In our experience, we offer design services, project management, and coordination of MEP disciplines across sectors such as industrial, healthcare, tertiary, retail, logistics, residential, and road infrastructure.

We handle all technological systems. Among mechanical systems, we deal with air conditioning, air treatment, industrial suction, industrial refrigeration, fluid distribution (hot water, superheated water, steam, chilled water, cold water, thermal oil), compressed air, fire protection, and smoke evacuation.

For electrical systems, we handle medium and low voltage systems, designing distribution substations, power centers, motive power systems, and lighting systems for both buildings and public areas such as street lighting.

Among special electrical systems, we handle data transmission considering both passive components and active devices, safety systems (smoke detection, evacuation, fire alarms), security systems (intrusion detection, CCTV, people detection), automatic regulation systems, supervision, and building automation.

In addition to these typical MEP disciplines, we also provide fire prevention consultancy, including fire risk analysis, calculations according to fire engineering codes, evacuation plans, and all procedures aimed at obtaining the fire prevention certificate, along with its subsequent management and maintenance.

With internal resources, we also manage acoustic consultancy, conducting surveys and acoustic investigations, and submitting applications such as passive acoustic requirements, acoustic climate, and acoustic impact assessments.

We also offer energy consulting through a certified Energy Management Expert (EGE) in civil and industrial sectors, conducting energy investigations and audits to optimize consumption in companies, and handling procedures aimed at obtaining energy efficiency certificates (TEE or white certificates).

Dabster’s mission is to provide high-quality engineering services, entering the market with design solutions that are technically tailored to the client’s specific needs and economically advantageous.

To achieve this, we aim to provide an integrated and comprehensive consultancy service, supporting the design team specifically in construction, including architectural and structural aspects, providing the client with a single point of reference for technological disciplines.